Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I wish there was a way to prepare you for the pictures you are about to see and apologise for that pain you'll experience in your stomach (also known as hunger) because I feel it too. While planning this post I was overcome with a huge desire to travel back (baring in mind this was at around 7 in the morning so I don't think Dan would have appreciated the suggestion). The excitement for me didn't just stop at the food: the atmosphere, service and overall look of the place was also all on point.
Rosie's Diner is a rather new 24 hour american-style diner that is situated in Cardigan Fields on Kirkstall Road close to a cinema and several food outlets which makes it not only a place to pop in for a meal but also a pretty perfect date location. As you'll know I have a huge penchant for burgers and so as you can imagine, hearing the opening announcement excited me a little more than I'd like to admit but my expectations for the restaurant were not only met- but exceeded! Every efforts were made to create an american vibe throughout the diner and although (rather disappointingly) the waiter staff were not on roller blades they definitely achieved this with everything from the chrome and red interior to the music- they even had a big yellow school bus parked up inside which had been converted to offer alternate seating which I thought was a good touch for parties or children.

Before I even get on to the quality of the food itself I feel that it would be almost criminal not to compliment them on is their menu: everything from the design of the menu to the diverse meal options (to the point I almost couldn't decide).
I am determined to re-visit Rosie's for breakfast but while me and Dan were here we sampled a few things from the lunch menu and were both pleasantly surprised. Infact, I just looked over to him to confirm this and he said "of course I did. It was delicious!" and if you know Dan and the amount of food he eats/makes that's a big compliment.
After quite a lot of discussion on whether we were going to have a starter or a desert we (obviously I mean HE) decided upon "Rosie's Blooming Onion" for the starter which is a paprika battered giant onion served with their homemade sauce- all of which was insanely good! (However would have preferred the "Silver Dollar Pancakes with either Banana, Honey and Ice cream or Chocolate Sauce and Ice Cream) This picture is regrettably how we left it because we were both already pretty stuffed and hadn't even decided on a main!
Although we both agreed (we didn't) on savoury over dessert we took a different approach to what we ordered from the main menu. Dan went for the "Maryland Style Crab Cakes" with sweet potato fries and I went for old faithful. Surprise, surprise, Lucy ordered a burger! I have no words to explain how good this burger was. It took a while to decide which I was going to order but in the end I went for "Rosie's American Classic" with crispy fries and it's, dare I say it? The second best burger I've ever had- as first place has to go to my boyfriend's doughnut, honey glazed bacon cheeseburger which I will be doing a post on very soon for you food lovers!

This is, and probably will remain, on the very top of my "To Go Places" list for people that live in the Yorkshire area.

What's your favourite restaurant?

Lots of love, lucy x

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  1. Ah Rosies Diner looks awesome doesn't it?! :) I've been there twice and absolutely love the decor and customer service was great although I personally didn't think the food was as good as it could be or maybe it's just because I don't tend to usually eat greasy food unless it's after a night out :) x

    1. Really? No way! I loved the food. Can see where you're coming from on the greasy food front though haha x


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