I've always loved visiting new restaurants/bars in Leeds but will never turn down a trip to Veritas which, admittedly, me and Piers seem to visit on a pretty much biweekly basis. It first opened in Oct 2010 and is situated on Great George Street. The decor of retro beer posters, food that never disappoints- and the wine ain't bad either!


*Handbag Lust With Yoshi Bags

Although I haven't been posting recently, as I have been taking a break with working on relaunching my blog and it's design- I have still been keeping up to date with my emails so things weren't so crazy on my return. Anyway, I'm back today with a brand I think you're all going to fall in love with just as I have!

Yoshi has become one of my all time favourite brands to work with, not only because I believe in their products so strongly but because their customer service has always been of a high standard. They have always gone above and beyond to keep me satisfied and I love that about the company.

I was delighted to be contacted by them and choosing a bag from their website was honestly one of the hardest things I've done (although I will definitely be going back for more!) I eventually chose the Mushroom Cartwright bag as it seemed to be the perfect size that I was looking for and I loved the colour of the leather. It goes with everything!

The bag was delivered to my house within a short space of time and since then it's pretty much been my staple item. I love the little compartments within the handbag which are protected by a zip middle and magnetic fastenings either side. It also came with a detachable strap which has come in handy for those days that my bag is weighed down with all the unnecessary things girls carry around with them. 

Overall, I have fallen in love with this bag and I think, with the leather being of such good quality, they would make perfect Christmas gifts for your loved ones. They currently have a Black Friday sale on ending on the 30/11 so grab yours here now! 

You can also #YoshiYourTree with their Christmas decorations here which are beyond cute! 


Our Experiences With Mental Health: #SpeakUp

*This post was not written with the intention to upset anyone, but as this is a mental health post, there's an obvious trigger warning* 

When I started writing this blog, I knew that one of my sole objectives was to do my part to end the stigma towards mental health, but after all I'm just one person trying to do the best I can. I feel that 'Lacylatest' has now become a safe place for people who are suffering to come and hopefully find some comfort in my words but I realise that asking us to come together as a collective won't work if it's only my words and experiences you get to read up on. I have asked a few other fellow bloggers/people of interest to contribute to today's blog post; some who maybe haven't even spoken about their illness before and now have a friendly platform to do so.

Before I introduce my lovely guests for today I'd just like to make an important point. Although I am completely for speaking up about mental illness and helping others on their road to recovery; I never want anybody reading my blog to feel any kind of pressure to feel okay, or failure if they don't. Acceptance, compromise and recovery are all very complicated steps and have different timescales for each person, so try not to get frustrated but also remember never to let your limitations in life become excuses for your outcomes.
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