Wednesday, December 09, 2015

I've always loved visiting new restaurants/bars in Leeds but will never turn down a trip to Veritas which, admittedly, me and Piers seem to visit on a pretty much biweekly basis. It first opened in Oct 2010 and is situated on Great George Street. The decor of retro beer posters, food that never disappoints- and the wine ain't bad either!

When it comes to choosing food, Piers is a simple man: hot meal in his belly, pint in hand- happy chap. I always opt for one of the sandwiches as I love their different selections of both bread and fillings, so I decided to get the smoked streaky bacon, brie and cranberry on gluten-free bread served with a mixed salad. Delicious! Piers ordered the homemade red pepper, wensleydale & sweet potato sausages with mustard mash & onion gravy which I had to be quick to snap a picture of before it disappeared.

Our Veritas guilty pleasure is the chunky chips with gravy. It doesn't matter what mains we both order there will always be some chips 'n' gravy on the side- love! Veritas offer a wide range of starters, main courses, sandwiches, sides and desserts which I will include at the bottom of this post, just incase the pictures haven't enticed you enough already.

I was also more than happy to read (and drool) over the Christmas menu which I'm dying to sample.

Overall, I had a lovely lunch with friendly staff, good food, drinks and of course- company! I think Veritas is a wonderful addition to the area and has a air of sophistication when it comes to their menus to accompany your drinks (as appose to scampi and chips).

Have you visited Veritas before? Can you remember what you ordered?

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