Our Experiences With Mental Health: #SpeakUp

*This post was not written with the intention to upset anyone, but as this is a mental health post, there's an obvious trigger warning* 

When I started writing this blog, I knew that one of my sole objectives was to do my part to end the stigma towards mental health, but after all I'm just one person trying to do the best I can. I feel that 'Lacylatest' has now become a safe place for people who are suffering to come and hopefully find some comfort in my words but I realise that asking us to come together as a collective won't work if it's only my words and experiences you get to read up on. I have asked a few other fellow bloggers/people of interest to contribute to today's blog post; some who maybe haven't even spoken about their illness before and now have a friendly platform to do so.

Before I introduce my lovely guests for today I'd just like to make an important point. Although I am completely for speaking up about mental illness and helping others on their road to recovery; I never want anybody reading my blog to feel any kind of pressure to feel okay, or failure if they don't. Acceptance, compromise and recovery are all very complicated steps and have different timescales for each person, so try not to get frustrated but also remember never to let your limitations in life become excuses for your outcomes.
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