*The Perfect Dress Up/Down Dress With RoseGal

It's officially September. Eight days in to be precise and it's kinda hit me that I'm soon to be twenty and I never really like to make a big fuss about my own birthday (although I tend to go all out for everyone else's). I'm trying to embrace it this year as twenty is quite a milestone- one that I will probably look back on when I'm older.

When September does come around it's not just my birthday which springs to mind, it also marks the start of Autumn and you all know how excited I get about that! In Autumn I tend to start swapping out my heels for something a little more comfortable but all of my families birthdays seem to fall (pun not intended) on this time of year. Anyone else have a period of the year like this? and so I was on the lookout for something that I could dress up for these occasions but also dress down for comfort.
Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall."
I'm in love with bodycon dresses. I feel like as a five ft woman some dresses can make me a look a lot smaller and so tight dresses are my thing. They allow me to show off the little curves I do have. 

Now, onto the dreaded horizontal stripes. You hear from a lot of people that you should stay away from these! Always pick up something which has vertical stripes and to be honest, I've never really thought much about it because I'm not one to care too much about my weight, just as long as I'm healthy! But, great news for you all, regardless, it's a complete myth! check out this article I had a read of to find out more about this.

I think rather than worrying about little 'slimming secrets' like these you should just simply go for what you feel comfortable in and for me that's always been monochrome which I've spoken a lot about in previous posts on here. I just feel like it gives you the freedom to experiment with different coloured shoes and accessories which helps especially if you're looking at creating a capsule wardrobe. I'm definitely one for dressing up. Doing my hair and makeup and heading out the door in a gorgeous outfit but I feel like there's nothing better than rocking comfort and heading to a coffee shop or just to do some shopping and so slipping on on a pair of trainers with this look was simply a must.
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Taking all of this into consideration (and ticking every box ) I am absolutely loving this dress from Rosegal. It's a really stretchy material and so fits my body perfectly while not being really stiff. I will have to add, however, that this is really new to my wardrobe and so I'm going to come back to you with a second post on how it's holding up after a few wears but for only $10.59 you can't go wrong!

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  1. I think I only on horizontal stripes! Haha! I think they're cute. Love this dress and those shoes are awesome!


    1. Everyone's always advised me against them and now I have no idea why haha! Thanks for your comment Kiersten!

  2. Stripes look so good on you girl! x
    Morgan | www.justmorgs.com

    1. Hey Morgs. Any compliment coming from you means a lot so thank you!

  3. This dress is really cute! Yes I do have autumn as the period with loads of birthdays! So expensive!
    Rachel // Rachel Ellen

    1. Thanks Rachel! Haha, I'm glad I'm not the only one to experience this! Thanks for your comment :)

  4. Amazing dress and shoes!!! Do you want to be friends with me on bloglovin? If yes, just follow my blog there, I'll follow your blog back!!! https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/anna-alina-3947784

  5. WOW AMAZING looking so good. dress amazing selection. auto notice gone at you and come here to compliment


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