Learning To Love Myself And Why You Should Too

When I'm around lots of strong characters whether it be friends, fellow bloggers or even friend's friends, I feel like I'm lacking something. I'm one of those girls that's very shy at first but once you get to know me, you kinda wish I was. I just can't seem to shut up. I'm super awkward through and through but I can't see that ever changing so let's just call me quirky. It sounds more pleasant. I'm always around what I would call "successful" people when I'm not even sure of the meaning of the word myself. I sometimes wish I had a different job, different hobbies and heck sometimes I wish I was someone else all together.

It's easy to see someone else's life; their success and their home lives, through green eyes. We've all done it, but I'm sure if you sat down with that person they'd have some things about themselves that they'd like to change. Even things that you rock that they wish they could. We're all simply our imperfect selves and confidence doesn't necessarily mean thinking that you're perfect and know everything, that's arrogance my friends, however it's knowing yourself and your potential. Believing that even when things block your path to where you want to be heading; you will be able to face that challenge. Confidence is one of those things where I think the saying "I think therefore I am" comes into play. If you think you're slaying, girl- you will be!
The truth is, I will always be an introvert. I will always prefer a quiet night in with a movie and some nice food over a night out, homewear shopping will always be one of my favourite things and 90% of the time I like to be productive from my bed. I have frequent moments of impulsive positivity where I want to do everything all at one- that's fine too but I haven't always thought of it like that. I'd often be heard calling myself inconsistent, boring and even a failure. It all depends on your perception of these things. Putting a positive spin on an attribute.

I am a firm believer in idea 'confidence comes with self acceptance' but I don't believe that that means you have to accept everything about yourself because to me that's giving up on something that you wish you had or had lost. I think self acceptance just means loving yourself enough to allow you to change something (if you can) and accept it if you can't.
I love the idea that there is only one of each of us. Let's just think about that for a second. Out of all the people who inhabit this planet, there isn't and never will be another person who looks, acts and thinks exactly the same as you. Like, how mint is that?! So f*** the one in a million talk, you're more like one in over seven billion so why would you want to be anybody but yourself?
I'm going to do something slightly different here. Comment below one thing you love about yourself or something you're proud to be working towards...
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