Thoughts @ 3AM: If It Makes You Happy, It Can't Be That Bad

Sunday, June 03, 2018


Spending my life apologising for things that made me happy got boring real fast. If it wasn't "cool" or wasn't "in" I'd keep those things to myself. They were always super small and I suppose insignificant things but really important to me nonetheless.

I never really cared what people thought about me on a superficial level but I've always been someone who thinks quite deeply about everything and so when it came to the real shit, I'd keep that to myself and save it for my writing.

As an adult, I've learn to embrace this side of me and it's actually made me really understand and appreciate the way that my mind works. Not only that, it's helped me create strong bonds with those around me.

I think the phrase "lifes too short" is both overused and rarely practised.

I live for the feeling you get when you discover a new song and wonder what you did before you heard it. The sight of watching a couple of strangers fall in love and the sensation of reaching that "fuck it" stage when you've been out in a rain storm for too long. I also realised that I valued the drunken 3am chats whilst chain smoking around my friends house than I did the actual night out.

Although I love nothing more than fitting into a group of people, recently, I've found a solid group of friends that I feel content with. No boundaries, no bullshit and no judgement. Just pure love, support and understanding. I feel privileged and accepted and it's the best feeling in the world because it's genuine.

2018 has really taught me so much about myself. It's been such an important year for me and it's only June. The most important lesson is that ~ I'm still learning to be me ~ and that's OK.

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