The Future of Pied By Piper

Thursday, February 07, 2019

The act of sitting at a desk with the intent to write is slightly daunting, I won't lie to you. There have been many occasions in which I've wandered over to this space and almost immediately walked away again. What is it about the pressure of writing which scares people away so much? I guess when you're passionate about something you want to do everything in your power to 1) do it justice and 2) encourage others to feel that same passion and excitement. The truth is that I've felt unable to do this recently and that's down to my own indecisiveness on what I want this space to become.

What happened to you?

Finding the time and energy to work on something you know you can't publish until absolutely perfected, is tough work. Somewhere along the way I somehow forgot this. I piled on a full-time charity position and started to climb the ladder. This in someway took my focus away from what I really love to do and that's ramble away on here to an audience full of like-minded, oversensitive, introverts who just want to giggle whilst watching me try to make my way through life- and ultimately fail. But in the best kind of ways. I want to get this back. I need to get this back.

So what's new?

Actually... quite a lot. I finally took the step to move away from Leeds and so I am now living in a beautiful cottage in a small town in West Midlands with my partner, Ali. It feels so surreal to be writing that because I am so, so happy here. Even before having made any real connections here, besides my hairdresser (who is an absolute babe), I already feel like I'm starting a life and not just stagnating. I also turn 23 this year. That means I have been writing here for coming up to 7 years now. WOW.

What's in the pipeline?

No fancy website rebranding, no major content change. I actually just want to add a little more freedom. I want to write about funny experiences, thoughts and anything I think about at 3am and want to fill you in on. Expect more frequent posts about all the random, crazy stuff I get up to here in Newport. I'm going to be more active on my social media platforms so be sure to follow me @pipeshill on Twitter and Instagram.

I look forward to seeing you around here more often!


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