It's no secret that I'm an avid watcher of Carmen Elaine's content. I've always found her delivery super calming (maybe it's the accent- I don't know) and the topics she chooses to speak about always seem to resonate with me. Her latest video: 'THE EXPERIMENT: Curiosity not goals' was no different and it made me think about my own personal goals in a whole different way.

In the video, Carmen talks about the fact we live in such a goal-orientated world, about the pressures that come along with it and how this can actually stunt creativity. The solution being to treat creative projects with more curiosity. Instead of mapping out every step in order to reach a set goal, wonder where you could end up if you did x, y, and z.

As many of you already know, I often struggle with my own mental health. Suffering from Bipolar Disorder has meant the topic of goal setting has always been a hard one for me. Adopting the typical forms of goal setting (SMART, New Years Resolutions, etc) and having multiple setbacks along the way have often left me feeling like I haven't achieved anything at all and have in fact failed. Approaching goals with a more curious mind will help me to achieve more without the added pressure. Instead of ending the year asking myself "did you achieve this?" I'll be asking myself "what did you achieve?" and "how far have you come?".

I understand that for some people, setting hard and fast rules are what helps you to stay on tack and get to where you need to be. I also understand that some things in our lives offer no option for this kind of flexible thinking (time-critical work goals, paying off debts, etc). When it comes to our creative endeavors, though, I think we could all benefit from simply creating more and worrying less about the end game. I don't know about you but I enjoy creating and produce some of my best work when it's not expected of me to do so.

I plan to go easier on myself this year. I want to learn to simply enjoy the process of creating again without the pressure of needing to get somewhere or have something to show for it.

How do you like to approach the goals you set for yourself?



  1. I've don't bother with setting New Year's resolutions, because they're all doomed to fail. If you really want to change, then why wait until New Year's? Come to think of it, I don't really seem to set myself goals in general

  2. I prefer to work more and focus on the process than just waste my time on focusing in setting goals and stuff. However, to feel more organized, I think goals would be the best idea.


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