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I am lucky enough to be sent products for consideration of review every now and again. As of 01/06/2015 I will always clearly state with an asterisk (*) which products are gifted, PR samples or purchased with store credit- with no exceptions. All reviews, however, are 100% my own honest opinion and I will never accept any incentive to speak positively about a product I don't truly believe in, nor do I accept any keywords submitted to me by the brand themselves. All words used are my own. If you are a brand looking to work with me, great! My email is:

Affiliate Links & Adverts

Posts featured on this site may contain affiliate links which are a means of earning a small income from the sales that come from my blog. Lacy Hill also uses cookies on this site.

Cruelty- Free

Around four months ago I decided to go completely vegan so although I had some posts already scheduled to go live after this point, posts from 14/07/2016 will be cruelty-free and 100% vegan.

Guest Posts

Although the vast majority of the content published on Lacy Hill is that of my own, I do give permission for people to send in their articles for me to read over and publish if I think my readers would find their piece useful and, of course, fits into one of the areas my blog covers. All posts written by other people will be credited at the bottom of the post alongside any social media/contact links that are provided to me.


Although I like to use my own images, sometimes Lacy Hill will feature images taken by people other than myself. All pictures will be credited if required. If you see your own picture(s) being used in a way that you disagree with, please contact me and I will take appropriate action. If you would like to use any images on this site please request permission from me first. If it doesn't belong to me, I can always point you in the right direction of the lovely person who did take the photograph.

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